Medi-Dart - Cattle Medication System - Remote Drug Delivery

Medi-Dart - Treat your cattle in all the right ways, in all the right places. 

Treat and Doctor Cattle in the Pasture
With 29 years experience, Medi Dart is a pioneer in remote drug delivery for cattle.  As cattlemen ourselves, we know how important it is to assess and treat conditions such as hoof rot, pink eye and pneumonia in a timely and stress-free manner.  Medi Dart manufactures three different veterinary tools to assist cattle producers in caring for their herds.  We have a crossbow, 30lb recurve bow and an extension syringe system which allow you to effectively doctor cattle in a variety of scenarios.  Our Medi Dart syringes are designed to eject from the cattle immediately following drug delivery and are completely reusable.  With our 30 and 35cc capacity syringe barrels and intramuscular and sub-cutaneous needles you have a wide variety of medication choices available to most effectively treat your cattle wherever they are.
MEDI-DART - Re-Usable Darts = No Bio-Hazard
Medi-Dart - Extension Pole Feature.