About our Product

The MEDI-DART Projectile, Extension, or Crossbow syringe, invented by a group of central Alberta ranchers, makes medicating pasture cattle easy and less stressful for livestock. The MEDI-DART systems are easy to use and inject larger doses of medication than other medicating systems.

MEDI-DART is used to give a single intramuscular or subcutaneous injection to livestock without restraining the animal. MEDI-DART also self-ejects once the injection is completed. At the end of the injection, a push rod is pushed ahead, which removes the needle from the animal for easy retrieval of the syringe.

Better for the Cattle Producer

Better for the Cattle

  • No need to restrain the animal and the animal can be treated easily on pasture or in the pen.
  • Keeps problems from getting out of hand because the animal can be treated sooner, with less stress than with conventional methods.
  • Less time is needed to medicate the animal because it is a one-person mobile treatment system.
  • Low cost - nothing else to buy
  • Low maintenance
  • Low stress on your animals.
  • No chasing - No restraining
  • Keeps the animal with the herd.
  • Keeps the animal on feed rations.

THREE variations of MEDI-DART are available:

  • The Crossbow MEDI-DART, which further increases accuracy.
  • The Projectile MEDI-DART which incorporates the basic principle of the bow and arrow.
  • The Extension MEDI-DART, which simply uses the added length of a pole.